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WELCOME to the Official Blog of the 2013 Master National Hunting Test, September 21-29, brought to you by the Retriever News and written by Tina Styan and Gwen Jones. We hope you enjoy these daily updates on the 2013 Master National, held this year in and around Fall River, Kansas.


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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DAY FIVE – Test Three – Flight A – Duck Blind – Bob May and Duwayne Bickle (Dewey)

"Duck Blind" is a land/water triple using all ducks. The order for this test is the left bird is thrown to the right on land. Then the middle bird thrown to the right, landing on the edge of the water. Finally, a flyer to the right of the line is shot to the left with a sluice. The blind is just to the left of the middle gun station.

With just a light breeze today, this test has changed once again for the arrival of Flight A. The order remains the same, left; middle; right flyer; then blind. The middle bird is once again landing in the water and more dogs are swimming to the bird, versus running the bank. The handles today seem to be on the left hand mark. If the dog comes in to the right of the bird, they tend to miss it and end up at either the middle gun station or the area of the blind. The dog must mark this bird carefully. Overall, the work has been good on the marks and great care needs to be taken on the blind.

#99 Chris Akin and Lady Isabella Of Thunderin Dixie, MH
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