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WELCOME to the Official Blog of the 2013 Master National Hunting Test, September 21-29, brought to you by the Retriever News and written by Tina Styan and Gwen Jones. We hope you enjoy these daily updates on the 2013 Master National, held this year in and around Fall River, Kansas.


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Saturday, September 28, 2013

DAY EIGHT – Test Five – Flight D – Windsock – Bill Largent and Laurice Williams

Windsock is a triple shot right to left using all rooster pheasants. There is a walk-up where the right hand bird is shot to the left. The middle flyer is shot to the right. The left hand bird is shot to the right. As the dog returns with its last bird, the poison diversion bird is thrown to the right. The handler is then instructed to run the left hand blind, pick up the poison diversion bird and then run the right hand blind.
The test is taking between 7 and 9 minutes per dog in the early going.

We arrived at Flight D to find that their work was good despite the rain and wind. The walk-up entrance had been moved to more solid ground. Visibility was not excellent, but despite that, the dogs seemed to be able to see the marks. Scent in the tall grass was diminished by the rain. There have been a few long faces coming off the line, but overall the work had been good.

Lyle Steinman runs to get his next dog …

Puppies don't mind the rain! 
#139 Carolyn Goll and Caerleons Y I Ought A, MH (Y)


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